BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4 News)- Wildlife officials are warning people to be on the lookout after two cougars were seen wandering around a Bountiful neighborhood over the weekend–one of them responsible for killing a deer.

Courtesy: Scott Stallings

The cougars were spotted along 3000 South between 650 East and 950 East.

The cougars hunted the deer in Scott Stallings’ front yard. Stallings caught it on camera but declined an on-camera interview.  Stallings says the DWR told him to remove the deer carcass to prevent the cougars from coming back. 

Stella Martinez lives next door to Stallings with her husband and small dog. 
“It’s scary because we have to bring him out at night before we go to bed so we bring flashlights out with us,” Martinez said. 

Officials with the Division of Wildlife Resources are asking the community to keep children and small pets indoors, especially between dusk and daylight.

There was a report of another mountain lion spotted in Big Cottonwood Canyon of the weekend. Be alert.

Officials with the DWR say cougar sightings are common this time of year.

 “Primarily because the deer are migrating into some of these lower elevation areas looking for food and so the cougars because deers are the primary food source will often follow, Faith Jolley with Division of Wildlife Resources said. 

Here’s what to do if you run into a cougar:

  • Stop. Never run from a cougar. Do not approach the cougar.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Pick up children and pets or keep them very close.
  • Stand up tall.
  • Do not crouch or squat.
  • Make yourself look bigger by raising and waving your arms or jacket above your head.
  • Talk firmly in a loud voice, back away slowly and leave the area.
  • Fight back if you are attacked! Protect your head and neck.
  • If you are aggressive enough the cougar will probably flee.

For more cougar safety tips click here.

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