NAPLES, Fla. (ABC4 News) – A Florida family got a big surprise when they got a visit from a bear!

A black bear strolled up to their front door and had its fun with some of their Christmas decorations. Then the bear looked at their Ring security camera and pressed the doorbell with its nose.

When the homeowners answer, they shouted “bear, go away!” a few times before the bear finally walks off. 

According to the homeowner, nothing was damaged, though the snowman decoration did lose its head. The decoration was easily fixed, and the homeowner and their family said they were very entertained by the situation.

Ring’s motion sensing technology initiated video recording as soon as the bear stepped onto the property and sent a notification to the homeowner’s mobile device. The homeowner shared the video to the free Neighbors app by Ring, used to help Neighbors stay up to date on local crime and safety information. For more information visit