PROVO (ABC4 UTAH) – It’s the third time in the matter of weeks that Trump/Pence support signs have been destroyed in the area of 2670 North 1060 East.
One homeowner has had enough and was able to catch two separate instances on camera. 
The latest vandalism was caught on security footage at 11:15 p.m. Sunday.
“Saw three guys come down with hoodies on. And, they started ripping signs out,” said Loy Brunson. 
Brunson, the owner of the Trump/Pence signs, said the three men got away in a red vehicle. 
A new security system that showed the three also showed that 30 minutes later the car returned. 
“I saw a car come by and jumped out. Ran after the car and chased the car down the street. Looked at the video and saw that it looked like a red Honda Civic,” said Brunson.
Sunday afternoon Brunson’s camera caught another man man taking a sign.
“It was like he was walking down from the church and he just kind of snuck around. Went behind a car and he was on his cell phone and then looked around and reached down and grabbed the sign,” he said. 
What prompted Brunson to get security footage upgrade was his house and vehicles being vandalized.
“The graffiti, KKK and the f-words and all that stuff on signs and on cars and on my front door. So I don’t know, Its probably because I have so many signs,” said Brunson. 
Signs he said show his support for his presidential nominee choice. 
A $500 reward has been offered for any information on the vandals. 
Provo Police say if caught you could be charged with a criminal mischief and trespassing.