ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – Washington School District officials say they believe a social media challenge on the app, TikTok called ‘devious lick’ is enabling children to pull pranks at school, leaving the district with thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

“Anyone that has heard of TikTok has heard of these challenges, honestly I think it’s a big waste of time,” says Rachael Billings, a student at Hurricane High School.

“These ‘devious licks’ pranks have cost the district tens of thousands of dollars. We’ve had vandalism in our bathrooms, we’ve had soap dispensers destroyed, mirrors broken, sinks damaged, it’s really gotten out of hand,” says Steven Dunham, the district spokesperson.

Just last week, a school district bus on its way to pick up elementary students was hit by a soda bottle, breaking the windshield, school officials believe it’s in connection with the latest trend.

“That could have killed our driver, that if students could have been on board that could have been devastating, these buses weigh 36,000 pounds, they don’t stop immediately, if something could have happened to the driver, it really could have been horrific,” says Dunham.

“They really need to stop and take a step down, like we are in high school, these are mature ages like we need to be maturing and this is elementary crap,” says Billings.

The district is working with St. George Police to find the vehicle and people responsible for hitting the bus.

“if your child is on any form of social media, please be on that form of social media as well and see what your child is doing,” says Dunham.

Officials say they plan to identify and punish those involved with these crimes. Responsible students may face suspension, expulsion and even criminal charges.