UTAH (ABC4) – The State of Utah requires all schools to have a written policy on bullying and hazing, and formats what that policy should look like. 

The policy must have: 

  1. A definition of bullying and hazing as well as abusive conduct.
  2. Language prohibiting bullying and hazing.
  3. Language prohibiting false reports.
  4. Required parental notification if their student is involved in hazing, bullying or retaliation. 
  5. An action plan to address incidents.
  6. Required annual signatures from students and staff indicating they have received  a copy of this policy.

In light of the recently reported hazing incident, where three teens are accused of forcible sexual abuse, at Ridgeline High School, ABC4 requested a copy of the Cache County School District’s Hazing Policies

In addition to having the requirements listed above, the district’s policy also requires all students and staff receive training annually from a qualified professional regarding bullying, hazing and retaliation. 

All students, employees and volunteers involved in extracurricular activities are also required to participate in additional training prior to participating in said activity. 

ABC4 News contacted a Cache County School District spokesperson to ask whether all students had completed the required annual training. The spokesperson told ABC4, she did not have access to that information. 

The Utah State Board of Education has a model policy it endorses regarding hazing. You can check out that model by clicking here.