SALT LAKE CITY, Utah  (ABC4 Utah)  A group of prominent Utahns Monday announced the formation of the Trump for President-Utah organization. They gathered on the steps of the State Capitol to pledge their support. One by one they explained why they think he should be the next President.
Donald Peay, founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.  “The people that work for the Trumps love them and that’s why you’re seeing people gravitate to the Trump campaign. It is a movement and we are going to make America great again.”
Utah Senate Majority Leader Ralph Okerland.  “In my district, in my huge ten county district in the rural part of the state, I’m talking to my constituents and they’re very impressed by what they’re hearing from Donald Trump.”
Stan Parrish, former President of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.  “He’s an agent for change.  He wants to change policy.  He’s listening to the people in America. He wants to take the direction that they would like to go. I think that’s important.”
Ron Fox, historian and Gop political activist.  “He has built an empire.  He has been able to understand the economy and how to work the economy to provide jobs, health care to many thousands of people.”
The group has a two page list of the many Utahns supporting Trump.  They claim they have received no money from Trump and that his popularity will continue to grow in Utah as more and more people get to know him.
Senator Okerland believes Mr. Trump will begin to moderate some of his more controversial statements as he becomes the mainstream candidate for the Republican Party.