Utahns cross border for chance at Mega Millions Jackpot


BEAVER DAM, Ariz. (News4Utah) – With a massive Mega Millions jackpot at stake, everybody knows in Utah, there’s no lottery, no gambling allowed in the Beehive State, but there’s a place not 30 minutes from St. George, where you can get in on some lottery action.

At the Beaver Dam Lodge off Interstate 15, they’re not hiding the fact they sell lotto tickets…and with the jackpot at more than a half-billion dollars, Southern Utah residents are making the trek. 

Richard Ceballos is from St. George.

“I’m here to buy some lotto tickets because it’s gone quite high. There are lots of things to do with it, but not work anymore,” said Ceballos.

Many we talked with say it is time for Utah to have a lottery of its own. Mark Myers is from Saratoga Springs.

“It makes no sense to let the money go across the borders. It makes no sense for it to go to Wyoming for the horse races and the gambling in Wendover. We need to start growing up and allow adulthood,” said Myers.

Lori Black is a store manager at the Beaver Dam Lodge. She says a lot of Utahns come down to buy tickets. Some not very familiar with the game.
“We have a lot of new people, they come in and you have to explain how it works and stuff,” said Black.

The winning numbers for Friday night’s $548 million jackpot were: 4, 24, 46, 61, 70, 7. Are you a winner? 

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