UTAH (ABC4) – Utahns looking to digitize their ID cards and driver’s licenses can do so at an event hosted by the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Driver License Division (DLD) this Friday in Salt Lake City.

The event marks the newest partnership between the Mobile ID program and America First Credit Union.

The credit union will now be accepting mobile IDs or mobile driver’s licenses (mDL) at all branches throughout the U.S.

The free in-person event will take place this Friday, Aug. 19 at the America First Credit Union Salt Lake Metro Branch located at 455 East 500 South. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Interested residents only need to bring their current physical ID card and a mobile phone where they’d like the ID app to be installed.

“The event allows more people to test the technology and see if they like or if this is something they may want to do once it does become a program available to everybody,” says Hillary Koellner, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Utah DPS.

State officials say the new program is an easy way for Utahns to have another option to carry their official state ID. The pilot program was introduced in 2021 and since its inception, around 3,000 residents have signed up to digitize their IDs.

Utah was the first state to implement the pilot program in 2021, with multiple states now working to adopt the program, as well. America First Credit Union is the latest business to hop aboard the digital ID train in Utah.

“This opens it up to so many rural areas for Utah residents who have shown interest in the mobile driver’s license that haven’t really had a place to use it yet or try it out,” explains Koellner. “This partnership will allow everybody all over the state to use it.”

The addition of America First Credit Union will be joining these businesses in Utah that currently accept a mobile ID:

  • Utah Community Credit Union branches
  • Harmons (City Creek, Traverse Mountain, and Santa Clara)
  • Various State Liquor Stores
  • Midtown Community Health Center (Ogden)

DLD says they’re working with various gas stations, convenience stores, financial institutions and government agencies to partner within the future. This map shows all Utah businesses are currently accepting mobile ID.

“It’s a completely optional program and it’s not something that we are trying to do for any other reason than to make people’s lives easier,” says Koellner.

When the program debuted, some citizens questioned the program’s safety or potential privacy issues, but the DLD says the app is extremely secure, utilizing a series of private encrypted keys unique to each user.

“Mobile driver’s license is something that’s very secure because not anybody can just access it,” explains Koellner. “You can have it on your phone, but not anybody can just pick it up.”

Extra secondary verification methods include options for PIN numbers and fingerprint/facial recognition to access the app.

The mobile ID program is similar to adding a credit card to your digital phone wallet, in a sense. It’s an official digital entity that can be easily brought with you and used wherever you go.

“We live on our phones nowadays and it’s just something that we can have additionally if we wanted to,” says Koellner. “But if you’re more comfortable using your regular physical card, then that works too.”

Physical ID cards will still be accepted everywhere as the mobile program remains an optional feature for Utahns at this time. DPS expects the program to officially roll out sometime soon, although a date has not been announced.

For more detailed information about the mobile ID program along with frequently asked questions, click here.