As the 10th season of Shark Tank begins on ABC, over 1000 entrepreneurs have come into the Tank looking for their piece of the American Dream. 

Some of those dreamers call Utah home including a business that is all about helping you…well, do your business.

Bobby Edwards explains the reason behind Squatty Potty: “They say necessity is the mother of all invention. And my mother was constipated.”

The simple solution to Judy’s problem, turned into a business … that eventually landed the Edwards on ABC’s Shark Tank, and a deal with Lori…a BIG deal.

Bobby and Judy Edwards – Squatty Potty Founders reported the numbers: “That first night we had sold like 400,000 dollars in Squatty Potty’s. Within 24 hours we hit a million. Yeah, a million dollars in 24 hours. It was incredible.”

Bobby continued: “It set the stage for us for national distribution. Bed bath and beyond, and Target, and Costco, Home Depot,”

Another example of a Utah Success Story with Shark Tank is making what they coin as “the last belt you’ll ever need.”

Did you know that ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, features more Utah business than just about any state? Childhood friends Zac Holzapfel and Jeff Jensen certainly do.

Shortly after launching their company “Mission Belt” back in 2012, Zac’s brother Nate wowed the sharks and scored a deal with Daymond John.

The Provo based company has sold over 2 Million Mission Belts and raked in more than 25 Million dollars with the help of their 35 employees.

Other Utah companies that have swam in the Shark Tank? Power Practical, Enso Rings, Fiber Fix and Kisstix to just name a few.

What you may not know is that an entire season is shot in about 4 weeks with about 10 pitches done each day they tape. 

Brighton Jones, Co-founder of Enso Rings told us about his experience on Shark Tank. “They don’t allow any contact, no interaction or anything until those doors swing open. It’s been life changing We’ve sold over a million rings in 80 plus countries.”

David Toledo, Founder/CEO of Power Practical, told us what producers of Shark Tank told him to do before going through those famous doors; “This is about entertainment. You need to have energy, so do these jumping jacks and the go run through that door and yell at them. We are about 50 times the revenue before we went on the show.

What Utah companies are on Shark Tank this season? You’ll just have to watch and see.

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop.

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