SOUTH FORK, Wyoming (ABC4) – A pair of college students are recovering from serious injuries after surviving a grizzly bear attack on Saturday. 

The two men, Brady Lowry of Cedar City, Utah and Kendell Cummings of Evanston, Wyoming are sophomores at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. 

According to CowboyStateDaily, a Wyoming news source, both Lowry and Cummings are on the college’s wrestling team. Brian Erickson, the athletic director at Northwest College, told CowboyStateDaily that the attack happened while the men were horn hunting with two other Northwest wrestlers in South Fork, Wyoming. 

Erickson told CowboyStateDaily that the group became separated as they were walking down the mountain. Shortly after, a grizzly bear suddenly jumped out and began attacking Lowry. Erickson shared that Cummings then jumped in, attempting to pull the bear off and save his friend. That’s when the grizzly turned and started to go after Cummings. 

CowboyStateDaily says that Erickson estimated the time of the attack to have been sometime in the late afternoon or early evening on Saturday, and notes that both men had bear spray on them but were not able to deploy it before the bear began attacking. 

Following the attack, Cummings was reportedly immediately life-flighted to St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, Montana, while Lowry was transported via ambulance to Cody Regional Health in Cody, Wyoming, though he was also life-flighted to Billings just a few hours later. 

According to CowboyStateDaily, Erickson said that although the injuries the two college athletes suffered “were very serious in nature,” they are both expected to live. 

Erickson told CowboyStateDaily, “they’re alive and doing well, for what happened.” 

The Wyoming news outlet states that this incident comes almost a year after the Northwest wrestling team faced tragedy when 19-year-old wrestler Traycee Norman died while vacationing in Utah.