WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A woman from Washington County has been accused of stealing roughly $115,000 from her employer over the last several years, according to a booking affidavit.

Michelle Rudd, 44, is now facing charges of theft and unlawful use of a financial transaction card, both of which are second-degree felonies.

Rudd’s employer reportedly told police in November that Rudd allegedly charged the company’s card over $3,100 and took a separate cash advance for over $150 while off hours in Mesquite, Nevada. The two unauthorized charges reportedly caused Rudd’s employer to become suspicious, and he reviewed past company credit card statements. He allegedly discovered Rudd had been making several unauthorized charges over the last three years.

Some of the unauthorized charges included nearly a dozen visits to various casinos, spending over $28,000 in total, according to the booking affidavit. Rudd also allegedly spent over $1,000 on unauthorized purchases from Amazon using the company card.

Rudd is accused of stealing roughly another $75,000 by taking checks the company had received for its services to the bank. Rudd’s employer reportedly told police this was one of her responsibilities as a manager for the company. Rudd would allegedly deposit the checks into the company account and immediately withdraw the entire amount as cash before depositing the cash again in her own account.

When police met with Rudd on Jan. 9, the booking affidavit states she admitted to “depositing some of the checks” from the business before “taking them out in cash for her personal gain.” She reportedly also admitted to using the credit card at the various casinos in Mesquite.