Utah twins who have twins have twins again!

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – They say twins skip a generation, but one Utah family is proving otherwise.  Identical twin sisters recently gave birth to twins together… for the second time!
Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker have a lot in common.
“We think the same… our voices are quite a bit the same,” Bunker said. 
But the pair’s sisterly bond has quadrupled now that they each have two sets of twins. 
The story starts five years ago, when Wall gave birth to her first set of fraternal twins — girls named Madison and McKell.
“Watching her go through labor, it just reminded me of how miserable it can be.  And I’m like, ‘Oh, no… I had to go through this too!'” Bunker laughed. 
Less than a year later, Bunker welcomed her first twins to the world, Hallie and Kole.
Next came Bunker’s little Sadie — a girl they call their singleton.  Then, fast-forward a few years to a time of ‘pure shock,’ as Wall puts it. 
Wall learns she is pregnant with fraternal twins.  Again. 
“That afternoon, I have this harebrained idea that ‘what if I was pregnant?'” Bunker laughed. 
Spiritual prompting, motherly instinct, call it what you will.  Either way, Bunker’s premonition matched up with a pregnancy test.  Twins again for her too!
“We weren’t doing anything — any fertility treatments of any kind,” Bunker said. 
You can imagine the surprise. 
“We happened to be sick about the same time.  Obviously, she was a few weeks behind me, but we would commiserate together,” Wall laughed. 
It was at 31 weeks that Wall gave birth to preemies, Kyler and Kenadee Wall, weighing in at just more than four pounds each. The babies immediately began receiving care at Timpanogos Regional Hospital’s newborn intensive care unit.
One month later, Bunker showed up at the hospital in labor at 34 weeks along. 
“So, I’m like, ‘Well, we’re already here, so we’ll just walk down the hall,'” Wall laughed. 
Preemies Kash and Jace Bunker make five sets of twins in just two generations.
The big happy family plans on keeping the cousins together.
“She’s actually building a house next to me, so we’ll going to be neighbors,” Wall smiled. 
Both sisters anticipate a future full of quadruple the trouble and quadruple the love.
After spending six weeks in the NICU, the Wall twins are finally home.  The Bunker twins are doing well, and if all goes as planned, they should be heading home within the next couple of weeks.  

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