UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Local Utah deputies are giving the public a slice of what troopers see on a daily basis.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) participated in a “blitz” this week, searching for impaired drivers endangering others on the roads.

Deputies provided a by-the-numbers look at a typical Tuesday in Utah County.

Officials say multiple agencies participated, keeping dangerous drivers off the roads and everyday citizens safe. A total of nine deputies were involved.

On March 22, 2022, troopers made 21 traffic stops and seven DUI arrests. One fugitive was also arrested.

Authorities seized a bounty of illicit goods throughout the day including three instances of meth, two instances of heroin, one THC dab, seven instances of paraphernalia and five instances of alcohol.

Deputies impounded five vehicles and deployed eight K-9 sniff searches.

“So, folks, this is what is driving on our roads around you at any given time,” says UCSO. “Don’t drive impaired! And call when you think you see someone who is!”

Authorities say these numbers are typically even higher on weekends, warning folks to be careful and never drive when under the influence.