UTAH (ABC4) – New clues as to the location of the $10,000 treasure buried somewhere along the Wasatch Front were dropped on the buriers’ Instagram Stories on Friday.

David Cline and John Maxim have promised to provide additional clues each week as to the hiding spot of the money and did so around noon. The additional clues will supplement the original poem that was posted on their Instagram feeds last Saturday.

Courtesy of David Cline

Friday’s clues provided a bit more clarity as to where the treasure could be located and offered a couple of reminders to those looking for it.

SLIDESHOW: Latest clues for Utah treasure hunt

Cline and Maxim have reminded ABC4 that those who sign up for their email list on their website, UtahTreasureHunts.com, will receive the extra hints one day early.

Last year’s winner, Cameron Brunt, told ABC4 on Thursday that his best advice for would-be finders is to follow the clues and hints exactly as written. Brunt uncovered a chest containing $5,000 near Rocky Mouth Canyon in 2020.