SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — With one week passing since the 2023 QR Hunt began and $30,000 up for grabs, the creators have provided an update on the progress made by participating teams and several hints to help locate the QR codes that have been found thus far.

According to Dave and John, teams have been discovering the hidden codes faster than anticipated, with now over half of the eight codes claimed.

In an email shared today with subscribers of Utah Treasure Hunt, they remarked, “Like always, each challenge we’re so proud of is only taking a fraction of the time we thought it would. A testament to how talented so many of you are.”

As the first team to scan each code will receive a piece of the $30,000 bounty, there have already been five claimed by teams listed below.

  • QR #1: D4t4c4P
  • QR #2: Brower Power
  • QR #3: D4t4c4P
  • QR #4: Smith Mob
  • QR #5: The Butterfly, The Bumblebee & The Wolf

Before sharing the first set of hints leading to each QR code, they offered some brief prompts to anyone hoping to join in or those who continue to search.

  1. “It’s not too late to start this hunt if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines. For those especially who don’t care about the money or being first, we think participating in the hunt at your own pace could be a great experience.”
  2. “For QR #2, we recommend parking just off the road and walking the last quarter mile. (Unless you have the vehicle and skills to get all the way there.)”
  3. “All of the sponsors in this hunt are local companies. Some are actually owned by treasure hunters. So if you need their services anyway, give them a call.” 

With three QR codes still waiting to be discovered, the first week of hints — along with related images to help hunters in their quest — can be found here via the email shared earlier today.

Anyone who would like to join the hunt can do so on the Utah Treasure Hunt website.