SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The 2023 QR Hunt was officially launched today, giving fortune seekers in Utah yet another chance to use their wits to claim hidden treasure.

Unlike the ever-popular Utah Treasure Hunt, which garners a cash prize at the end, the QR Hunt this year will reward teams who are the first to locate and scan a series of eight QR codes.

“The QR Hunt is essentially eight treasure hunts in one,” co-creator David Cline tells ABC4.

How much treasure is up for grabs with each code? According to Cline, it could be anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 depending on a code’s level of difficulty to discover.

To begin the QR Hunt, teams must first register on the Utah Treasure Hunt website. Once registered, each team can visit the website to view a real-time leaderboard showing their progress compared to others on the hunt for QR codes.

Last year saw many teams on the hunt, having an estimated 5,000 teams registered. This time around could see even more participants with so much treasure up for grabs.

What does it take to locate a QR code? Each in the series of eight will be concealed in the form of a creative challenge, which could reportedly involve anything from video games to escape rooms. Once scanned, teams will receive a digital badge associated with the challenge.

As the adventure continues, organizers Dave and John will be releasing new hints every Friday to hunters signed up for their email list via the website. After they’re shared, these hints can also be found here on our website.

With the 2023 QR Hunt now underway — good luck and happy hunting, Utah!