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(ABC4 NEWS – LEHI, UT) Tyler Babb is not a fan of standing in line, especially at the Post Office.

Tyler is a serial entrepreneur that has created 5 different companies. One of his companies was an outdoor gear company. He got frustrated with getting orders shipped in a timely matter. He told me; “I needed to find a better solution to save time throughout that process. I needed how to figure out how to save money. With shipping costs. With multiple carriers. As well as time in the warehouse with people.“

He calls the shipping solution “SmartShyp.”

The solution seems to be working well. I asked him who was using SmartShyp. “We help companies like Pitney Bowes. We power local brands like Piphany, Coco & Main, and even We have small startups that are out of their garage, basement or home kitchen.”

Tyler’s team of technology gurus created an online shipping technology platform. All from Lehi, Utah.

He explained how it works; “First thing they will do is integrate their amazon store, their etsy store, their jane orders wherever they are selling on the internet. We’ll pull those orders into our platform. And ultimately show them what is the cheapest method of shipping whether that’s the post office or a FedEx product or ups product and we’ll allow them to create that shipping label. Ultimately, we’ll take the tracing number and we’ll post that tracking number back to the platform of choice as well as notify the customer that their package is now in transit. And we do all that automated, so it’s pretty awesome technology. “

It pretty easy to see how the online part works. But how about the “no waiting in lines at the Post Office?” A big grin covers Tyler’s face as he said; “We can actually schedule through the software the post office or one of the carriers to come to your warehouse or even your front door if you are building a business out a beautiful kitchen like we’re at today.”

What’s amazing is how widely received the SmartShyp product has been received. How many packages do they help ship every month? According to Babb; “Our customers are shipping anywhere from one or two products a month to thousands a day. We are processing millions of dollars of products on behalf of our customers every single month.”

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News. Utah Success Stories is made possible by the generous support of Finance Peak, the ticket to your finance needs.


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