UTAH (ABC4) – As residents of Salt Lake and its surrounding areas, we take pride in our state of origin and all it has to offer. However, many of us who were born and raised in Utah may be oblivious to, or offended by the stereotypes that we are often labeled with. Fortunately, many of them have been deemed false. 

In a dual, maybe somewhat controversial attempt to stand up for what we’re made of and debunk some of these myths, ABC4 considered, and disproved some of the stereotypes most often applied to Utahns. 

For starters, Utah as a whole is often regarded as lacking in diversity. However, what many outsiders don’t realize is that the Beehive state is more of a melting pot of people and culture than expected. Just last month, a study by Preply revealed that West Valley City was ranked as the third city in the nation seeing the most positive change in diversity and racial makeup. Similarly, Salt Lake City has been ranked very highly for LGBTQ+ equality and hosts a large Pride celebration annually in June. 

Next up, Utahns are often brought down for not knowing how to “have a good time,” if you know what we mean. Is that true, though? Absolutely not. Yes, the liquor laws in Utah are strict, but those are set to loosen up as of June 1. In fact, these new laws are set to compliment the state’s already buzzing beer scene. You heard it here first, Utah has stellar home brewed beers, with a plethora of options from breweries like T.F. Brewing, Fisher, Shades, Proper, Uinta, Bewilder, and many more. Salt Lake even hosts an annual beer festival where fanatics can taste test beverages from various in-state breweries. 

Another stereotype Utahns are labeled with is boring, plain, bland, or however else you’d like to put it. What goes unnoticed in this area is Utah’s vintage fashion scene. Younger Utahns surely know how to pop some tags, and by that we mean choose the coolest throwback thrift shops to spend at. Utah has some of the most unique thrift shops in the nation, beloved by many for a good reason. With stores like Decades, iconoCLAD, and Namedroppers, there’s bound to be a second-hand boutique to fit any style. Recently, pop singer Olivia Rodriguez even unveiled that her favorite place to thrift is Vantage, yet another shop in Salt Lake City. 

One that any visitor could debunk on their own just by visiting our beautiful state is that us Utahns ex out anything caffeinated. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re ever driving through Utah you’re bound to notice a few Fiiz and Swig signs along the way. What are those you ask? Soda shops, of course! Though we do sip on coffee as well, I think it’s safe to say that many Utahns opt for a sweet bubbly beverage for their caffeine fix. 

Now, there’s one that even we can’t argue with. Utahns are friendly! As the saying goes, the West is the best. Though we’re not from California, we have the same laid back personalities, only we’re more down to earth than status seeking. No offense, Californians.