SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Starbucks workers in Utah have now unionized and are demanding that the CEO sign a Fair Election Principles which would allow stores to unionize without being punished in some way.

The location of the union is in Cotton Wood Heights located at 7025 S Highland Fort Union Blvd. The workers released their letter to the CEO on twitter late March 2022. This union comes after other Starbucks locations complained about work conditions and work wages.

The first store location to unionize was in Buffalo, New York last fall. A Member of the Starbucks Workers United spoke with Forbes magazine about the ongoing union.

“Corporate has come in and changed everything about our stores and is trying to fix long standing problems. But from our perspective, we know that they’re only here because of the union effort. And we know that the second the vote is over, they’re going to pack up their bags and leave. So, I think it’s really about having a seat at the table and making Starbucks a better company now and also 5, 10 years down the line.”

These workers are not going unnoticed. Prominent figures like Bernie Sanders tweeted his support and said he will be joining the workers for a rally in Virginia.

Workers from Starbucks across the country have joined in to support from states such as Arizona, Washington, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, California and now Utah.

Workers feel that Starbucks is trying to silence them. Utah workers wrote in their letter “Your anti-union campaign confuses us. We were struck, are we not stronger together? The onslaught of lies and slander from management about the union and against union leaders hasn’t gone unnoticed. Regardless, we stand tall and are unafraid or unfazed by you union busting tactics.”

CEO Howard Schultz has called for workers to resist “outside labor unions” in a public letter but locations continue to rally together against it.