Utah Sisters Featured on A&E Show Escaping Polygamy

Jessica Christensen and Shanell Derieuz are two women who escaped polygamy. The sisters are featured in an A&E series produced in Utah about polygamy. 
‘Escaping Polygamy’ follows three sisters (all daughters to polygamist leader Daniel Kingston) who have left polygamy and now help others break free from the often dangerous and abusive lifestyle.
As young girls, sisters Andrea (who is currently in law school in Seattle), Jessica and Shanell bravely left the Kingston clan, a powerful polygamist group based in Salt Lake City, Utah known as The Order.
In each one hour episode of ‘Escaping Polygamy,’ the sisters work with friends and strangers alike who are in various stages of leaving polygamy – some just recognizing the need to leave, others actively seeking to breakout, and those struggling to adjust to the sometimes harsh realities of the real world. 
Escaping Polygamy airs Sundays on A&E.  Season 2 trailer: Watch the season 2 trailer here: http://wdrv.it/28QnIbL.

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