SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Utah Senate has passed an income tax cut for Utahns on Friday.

The bill, S.B. 59 State Income Tax Rate Reduction, reduces income tax from 4.95% to 4.85%.

“Over the last few years, the Legislature implemented significant tax reductions,” said Sen. Dan McCay, sponsor of S.B. 59. “Because of conservative, fiscally sound policy, our state is in a position to reduce taxes across the board. Income tax is burdensome on Utah families and a targeted approach to giving income tax relief will benefit all Utahns.”

Some legislators have been pushing for fewer restrictions on businesses since the pandemic.

“We are taking steps to reduce the burden on working Utahns while finding a balance to increase education funding,” said Sen. Ann Millner, majority whip. “This year, the Legislature plans to cut taxes for Utahns while funding education at historic levels. We are deliberately decreasing taxes at this amount and will continue to assess the budget as federal stimulus stabilizes.”

The bill will now go to the Utah House of Representatives for approval.

To read the full bill, click here.