UTAH (ABC4) -With this high heat, schools made sure they’re keeping students and athletes safe and provided a couple reminders.  

“Students are pretty well-adjusted and used to playing outside during recess and lunch with the hot weather,” spokesperson for Canyons School District Jeff Haney said. 

School officials said playing and practicing in the heat is something kids are used to, but they’re still taking precautions. 

When it comes to sports, like football, the Utah High School Activities Association provides guidelines schools follow. 

“There’s plenty of water available, coaches often take the brakes to make sure that their student athletes are drinking enough water their remaining cool they often take advantage of the air-conditioned weight rooms,” Haney said. 

The UHSAA also noted this is the first year schools statewide received wet bulb globes, a machine measuring temperature, humidity, UV rays and wind to determine whether it’s safe to practice outside, especially on turf. 

“If the reading there is too hot then they either go to a grass area and practice and they do another measurement and or they change the time of practice,” assistant director of UHSAA Brenan Jackson said. 

The UHSAA said teams need extended water breaks and players need to prepare for practice to avoid heat-related injuries  

“It’s not only getting water and electrolytes in your system during practice it’s something they should be doing all day long in preparation for their practices,” Jackson said. 

He said athletes also shouldn’t be afraid to tell coaches when they’re feeling the heat and need water or a break and it’s a team effort to keep everyone safe. 

Schools said it’s better to take a break and get some water, than get sick from the heat and not be able to play.