MAGNA, Utah (ABC4) – A road worker is in critical condition after a driver lost control of his truck and hit him while he was working on Monday.

Authorities say a Utah Barricade worker was hit by a car while wearing a visible reflective vest and setting up cones for traffic control. 

According to Utah Highway Patrol (UHP), he is now fighting for his life. 

“He’s in very critical condition currently, he’s being treated at a local hospital that’s kind of all that we know at this point,” says UHP corporal Mikki Vargas.

UHP said a driver in a Ford Ranger truck lost control of his car while traveling on SR-201.

“Traffic was starting to slow down, he began to slow down with traffic, whether his breaks locked up we’re not sure at this point, but he did end up losing control of the truck,” Vargas said. 

UHP said the driver then overcorrected, drove over the median, swerved into the wrong lane and hit the worker. 

Both UHP and UDOT are urging drivers to be cautious and aware of workers while driving on roads.  

“A situation that we had this morning, just tragic circumstances, it really underscores the importance of every decision we make behind the wheel,” said UDOT spokesperson John Gleason.

UDOT says local residents will see more construction throughout the summer, so drivers need to pay extra attention to keep workers safe. 

“You have to focus all of your attention on the road because whether or not you’ve driven a stretch 100 times before, conditions change all the time,” Gleason said. 

UHP saying drivers should always look ahead about 10-15 seconds to prevent accidents like this one. 

UHP said the driver who lost control of his car pulled over after the incident and has been compliant with officials, but the worker is still in critical condition. Authorities continue urging travelers to drive cautiously while passing through work zones.