SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – The first African-American woman to serve in the Utah State Legislature is helping other women into leadership positions.

Since her election in 2014, Representative Sandra Hollins (D-Salt Lake City), has made it her mission to help guide women, particularly Black and African, into leadership positions. 

“I was not only going to open that door but I was going to kick down that door and make sure there were going to be other women who are at the table discussing policies and bringing their point of views,” explained Hollins.

ABC4 News sat down with the three African American women being mentored by Hollins who are running for leadership positions. It’s the first time three women with their background are running for city council positions. 

Natalie Pinkney is running for South Salt Lake City Council. 

“I really want to stand up and speak up for the folks of South Salt Lake. I think it’s time that they have someone that’s not afraid to fight for what is right for them and what they want,” Pinkney said.

Michelle Love-Day is running for Bluffdale City Council.

“We’re finding more and more that educators are starting to join the political scene. We’re seeing that we need a change for our students and for our children and families,” Love-Day told ABC4’s Brittany Johnson.

Kaletta Lynch is running for West Valley City Council.

“I was raised in a public service family. My dad was a police officer, 30 years retired. I was raised in a home where I was taught to give back, to listen to people, to care for people, to be compassionate for people,” explained Lynch.

To get to know the candidates and their platforms, watch the video below:

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