SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Volunteers from all over the country are responding to the tornado-caused devastation in Mayfield, KY including volunteers from the Utah American Red Cross chapter.

It will be an around-the-clock volunteer job.

Two volunteers left Sunday to help the disaster site in Mayfield and at least four will be sent out Monday, with several more in the days to come. 

“When something like this happens, it is their innate desire,” said Utah Red Cross executive director Benjamin Donner. “They want to help.”

Donner explained to ABC4 what the volunteers will be doing to help those in need. He said he doesn’t know the specifics, but said the training they receive will equip them to help those who may need it most in a disaster relief situation.

Donner said volunteers firstly need to establish a safe place for people to go. He added it’s also important for them to help out at evacuation centers and shelters. They may even help with blood donations since many blood drives may be canceled as a result of the tornado’s destruction.

Donner said volunteers will be there for two weeks and he’s grateful to them for sacrificing their time and resources for others. 

“You never wish for a disaster, but being able to see what the community does to help, it is just incredible,” said Donner. 

Donner said he is not sure how many volunteers from Utah Red Cross will eventually be on the way to help, but said there are several on standby.

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