UTAH (ABC4) – The beauty offered by the Beehive State is one of the many reasons people flock to Utah. However, a recent study conducted by Babysense suggests that the state’s safety is one of the many reasons more Americans than ever are moving to SLC and its surrounding areas. 

According to their research, Utah ranks No. 10 out of America’s 50 states in terms of the nation’s best states to raise a family. 

The research was conducted by focusing on twelve factors important to anyone raising a family. These include life expectancy, median household income, number of national parks, school quality, school safety, air quality, homicide rates, firearms death rates, adult obesity rates, child obesity rates, typical household pricing, and cost of living. 

After sifting through data compiled numerous sources, Babysense determined that Utah scored a family score of 6.21, the tenth highest in the nation, compared to the the No. 1 state, Minnesota, which earned a family score of 7.07, and the No. 50 state, Louisiana, which earned a family score of 2.13. 

The research revealed the following information about Utah: 

  • Average life expectancy is 79.7
  • Air Quality Index score is 51.2
  • 10.3% of children aged 10-17 are classed as obese
  • School quality rank is 20 (based off 33 relevant metrics)
  • Homicide rates per 100,00 people is 2.4
  • Firearms deaths per 100,000 people is 12.9