UTAH (ABC4) – College is something many Americans look forward to in life. With so many universities throughout the nation, it can be difficult to cherry-pick the school that’s the best fit for you. To help with this matter, Studee conducted research compiling the country’s top states to be a college student in.

To support students in finding the best place to take their studies, Studee compared the cost of numerous factors, including:

  • Tuition fees
  • Rent
  • Board
  • Percentage of the population made up of 19 to 25-year-olds
  • Graduate salary
  • Crime rates
  • Happiness index scores
  • Number of things to do
  • LGBT-friendliness
  • Mental health
  • Number of top universities

Through their research, Studee found that Utah is the fourth-best state to attend college in. 

The study acknowledges Utah as one of the best states to attend university in, as the Beehive State has the highest population of 19 to 25-year-olds. Additionally, Utah has been deemed as one of the more affordable places to study, as it has the cheapest rooms of all 50 states and tuition and boarding costs are way below average. When students aren’t studying or in class, Utah’s geography offers a vast amount of activities ranging from hiking to skiing and snowboarding.

Findings from the study regarding Utah include:

  • Average cost of tuition: $6,700
  • Percent of the population aged 19-25 years old: 10.7%
  • Top colleges in the state: 1

For comparison, California was dubbed the best state to live in as a student, while Arkansas is regarded as the worst state to attend college. 

To check out the full study, click here.