HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – Janis Burnson is one of many parents having to work around a national baby formula shortage.

“Go around in our area, St. George, any stores I can, can’t find anything around here. I have friends in northern Utah, they’re having to send me stuff, so I’m having to pay even more,” she says.

Burnson says she worries for other mothers who may also be struggling with rising prices and unavailability.

“With the formula that I’m using there are three different types of them, and I finished one of them and I’m moving onto another and it’s like are you going to puke, are you going to be sick? What’s going to happen?” says Burnson.

ABC4’s Southern Utah correspondent Jordan Verdadeiro visited stores in Hurricane to find bare shelves where baby formula should be.

“If this formula that I’m using right now all of a sudden isn’t available what do I choose, what’s next?” says Burnson.

Officials from the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) say the formula shortage comes after Abbott announced a recall on some of their Similac products compounded with national supply chain issues.

“We do supply infant formula for some of our WIC participants and so it’s been a struggle for them to find formula when it’s not on the shelves because there’s a recall, or because it’s being bought out because people are switching to different formulas because they can’t find what they normally take,” says Miranda Reynolds, Utah’s WIC Health Program Coordinator.

While parents look for alternatives, Reynolds offers recommendations.

“It’s not recommended to make your own infant formula at home or to dilute infant formula because that can lead to other health concerns and malnutrition if done over time,” says Reynolds.

Reynolds says WIC is also temporarily adding other formula options for Utahns on the program due to this shortage. She adds it’s important to reach out to your healthcare provider to find the best option for your baby.