MYSTERY WIRE — It only took a few hours before people found the location of the Utah monolith and showed up to take pictures.

The Utah Highway Patrol was recently assisting in a bighorn sheep count, using one of its helicopters. While flying one of the crew in the helicopter noticed something shiny sticking out of the desert. They landed nearby and examined the odd metal object.

Since sharing pictures and video with media, the story of the monolith has made headlines around the world.

Mystery Wire spoke to the owner of an off-road vehicle repair shop close to the monolith’s location. The owner said he’s worried that people will be injured or even die trying to find the monolith. He described the location as extremely difficult to get to and not only requires an off-road vehicle, but also quite a bit of hiking to find.

Authorities in Utah have also said they are worried about people being reckless and getting injured.

The off-road shop owner also said he’s worried about the land in the area. The location is on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and owned by the federal government but open for public use. He said a surge in traffic in this off-road are could damage not only the land, but also local Native American artifacts and sites that are nearby.

On man who found the site posted his video Facebook. He describes the monolith as being man-made out of sheet metal and riveted together. In the video he shows where someone cut into the rock to place the monolith and then sealed the gaps.

The Utah Department of Public Safety has already said whoever did this broke the law.