Utah Moms Create Practical and Trendy Baby Gear Company

SALT LAKE CITY (Good4Utah) – All mom’s know, when you have a baby you have a lot of accessories.  Now two Utah moms are making the gear not just practical, but trendy.
Kristen Reichert and Stephanie Lee started Copper Pearl last summer.  At first, it was all just a fun idea.
Stephanie explained, “We needed something to do during nap time and bed time.”
But that hobby turned into a baby supply power house.
From the beginning, Kristen and Stephanie worked with a designer and manufacturer to come up with their first product.  They started with bandana bibs.  That fit their idea of what they wanted their products to do.
Stephanie said, “We go for that sweet spot between trendy and useful products, that’s what we aim for when we do our designing.”
As the business grew, the women recruited help from their husbands.
Now the friends and business partners are running Copper Pearl as their full time job.  The ladies focus on designing and the men work on the business details.
In just one year, Copper Pearl went from a bandana bib to a baby gear company helping families.
Stephanie said, “It’s fun to talk to other moms in the area and hear that they love ours stuff and it’s making their lives easier.”
Realizing they are helping families has made the success for Kristen and Stephanie even sweeter.  Not only have they created a company, but a resource for Moms just like them.

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