SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Utah mother says her daughter is a victim of bullying, harassment, and racial taunts and school officials at a Granite District elementary school are doing nothing to protect her.

Selma Irvin says it started with one of her daughter’s classmates at Granger Elementary taunting her.

“I requested to the teacher if she could switch Micah and him from sitting together,” Irvin told ABC4 News.

Recently the bullying took a physical turn.

“When they were forming a line, he took his head and hit Micah on her head because Micah was in his spot,” Irvin said. “It’s just getting physical and it’s always the same kid.”

“Did Micah do anything to him?” asked ABC4’s Brittany Johnson.

“No. Micah didn’t do nothing to him,” Irvin replied.

Irvin says she filed an incident report with the school after another classmate kicked her daughter in the stomach.

“I had requested, on the incident report for the teachers, the parents and the student and the principal for all of us to sit down and discuss this issue, so it won’t happen again. The principal said that they were handling it and we don’t have to have a meeting that they were taking care of it.”

The bullying, however, has only escalated. Irvin received a letter from her daughter’s school informing her that Micah was the victim of a racial incident.

“The girl brought some solution from her house from home and into the class, and the three kids gathered up and told Micah to put the solution on her hand on it would take her skin color off.”

“I said no and they kept saying please, please and I kept saying no and I don’t like that,” Micah Aldana explained.

“It hurts. It broke my heart,” Irvin said while trying to hold back tears. “For a first grader to come home to tell you that they wanted to change her skin color, it hurts.”

The mother of three feels like her pleas for a resolution with school officials have gone ignored.

“I feel upset. I feel like they’re not doing anything for me and my daughter. They’re not taking us serious. They just don’t care.”

Irvin says the situation still has not been resolved and Micah has returned to what her mother calls an unsafe and unhealthy environment.

“Everybody knows and I don’t think their parents care,” Aldana said.

Irvin is currently exploring other avenues for her daughter and is hoping to transfer Micah to a different dual immersion school.

“This kid has been bullied. This kid has been kicked. This kid has been talked about her skin color. They can make an exception.”

ABC4 reached out to Granite School District for an on-camera interview. The Communications Director declined our request but emailed the following statement:

“We are well aware and continue to investigate the allegations of this parent. Anytime a child is made to feel unsafe in our schools, we take that very se riously. We have and will continue to take appropriate action against any student who violates our safe school policy. Due to privacy laws, we are unable  to comment on any specific discipline taken against the student in question. At this point in time, we have not received a formal request for transfer f rom this parent, however, as with any request, we will accommodate that to the best of our ability.”

Editors note: Selma Irvin is a contracted hairstylist with ABC4 News.

Editors note: The school statement was updated to include the latest information sent from the spokesperson.