SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4) – A Saratoga Springs mom urged parents to know the signs of RSV, a respiratory virus that sent two of her kids to the hospital. 

“How quickly they go from oh you’re fine to like serious respiratory distress is like so fast it’s scary,” Cerah Miller said. 

Miller is a mom to three kids, two of whom got RSV, a respiratory virus that is most harmful to babies. With the weather getting cooler, RSV is back in season and it can happen fast. 

“In probably the course of two hours she had gone from, like, being our normal baby to being on a respirator,” Miller said. 

Experts said this year children are getting RSV earlier in the season. Though they’re still trying to pinpoint exactly why, many looked to the pandemic for answers. 

“In the past two and a half three years a lot of us haven’t been exposed to things so that means we’re just more susceptible than we usually are,” Utah state epidemiologist Dr. Leisha Nolen said. 

When it comes to RSV, experts said older kids and adults may feel like they have a slight cold, but when transmitted to babies it becomes much more serious. Especially when kids haven’t built up their immune system due to the pandemic. 

“We had a whole bunch of people who hadn’t seen this virus and when it came back around it came back with a vengeance,” physician for Primary Children’s hospital Dr. Per Gesteland said. 

Experts advised parents to be picky about who comes over if they’re sick and teach older kids how to wash their hands and cover their mouths when they cough. For Miller, she said sometimes your kids getting sick is unavoidable so know the signs of sickness and trust your gut. 

“All respiratory illnesses in kids, they’re so scary,” Miller said. 

The signs for RSV include flaring nostrils, imbalanced, or fast and uneven breathing, wheezing and cough.