SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Deputies responded to a Bed Bath and Beyond store after a fight resulted in a woman being struck in the face with a metal shelf in Summit County.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office says the incident involved two employees, a male and a female, who both worked at the Bed Bath and Beyond store together.

The male suspect was 28-year-old. The age of the victim wasn’t released. Their identities are also not being released at this time.

The victim says the assault occurred after an argument over working areas ensued between the coworkers. During the argument, the victim says the male suspect struck her with a metal shelf.

Officials say the man admitted he become so upset that he “grabbed the closest thing to him” and threw it at the woman. The item he threw was a metal shelf that struck the victim.

When authorities arrived, they noticed a “fresh bruise” on the woman’s arm. Deputies say the woman refused medical attention when offered.

The man was issued a citation for assault, but he was not taken into custody. He was later released from the scene of the crime.