SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A man was arrested after shooting up a home and breaking into a yoga studio while threatening patrons in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office has identified the suspect as Nrsingha Caitanya Das Joseph, 38.

Deputies first responded to reports of a shooting near 4654 S. Ledgemont Drive. When officers arrived, they discovered several bullet holes in the home’s front exterior and inside the living room area. Police also noticed “substantial damage” to the vehicle parked in the driveway.

While speaking to the victims, they identified Joseph as the only suspect that came to mind. During this time, police discovered a vehicle had stopped at a nearby gas station while a man allegedly fired shots into the air before fleeing the scene.

The victims say Joseph had been asked to stay away from them and their yoga business after displaying “mental instability.”

While speaking with the victims, police learned Joseph had “unlawfully entered” the victims’ yoga studio while threatening people inside the building.

Joseph allegedly started a Facebook livestream and continued threatening people while the video was live. Police say the recording captured an older woman asking someone to lock the building’s front door while Joseph was heard “using extreme profanity towards those inside” while telling them he had fired gunshots at the victims’ home.

The video’s audio recording captured a woman screaming for several seconds which police later discovered was the moment Joseph allegedly assaulted a male volunteer inside the building.

Authorities say the audio captured Joseph yelling about how the yoga studio’s “teachings were false and how they pretended to be victims and were not honest in their dealings.” 

“Some of the verbal assault that was given by Nrsingha was disjointed and seemed to be spoken in confusion,” police documents say.

When police arrived at the business, they spotted Joseph and took him into custody.

While searching Joseph’s home, police discovered multiple firearms including an AR-style rifle, an AK-style rifle, a hunting rifle and a Taurus semi-automatic .45 caliber handgun along with a large quantity of various ammunition, multiple marijuana pipes and bongs and user amounts of dab marijuana extract.

In the suspect’s vehicle, police found “several expended shell casings were located inside the vehicle along with 9 mm casings as well as a case of .223 ammunition and magazines.”

Joseph was arrested on six charges including one count of burglary and five counts of felony discharge of a firearm. Joseph is currently booked at the Salt Lake County Jail.