KAMAS, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah man is searching for the authors of a message in a bottle he found in the Caribbean and he needs your help.  

“I feel like it gives me a window into other people’s lives that i would never have any other way,” message in a bottle hunter Clint Buffington said. 

Cliff Buffington, of Kamas, Utah is on a mission to find Becky from Washington D.C. and Jim from Portland. 

Why? Back in February, he found their message in a bottle buried in the sand on the shores of the Caribbean that dated back to 2018. 

“It raises the question of, ‘Do you know why were they on this boat?’ And, ‘What were they doing?’ Whatever it was had to be significant enough that they wanted to commemorate it with this special gesture of sending a message in a bottle,” Buffington said. 

Buffington has been hunting for messages in bottles since 2015, in hopes of reuniting them with their owners, meeting people and making friends across the world he never would have met otherwise. 

So far, he said he’s found over 100 bottles and has connected with about 30 messengers.  

“You really never know who’s gonna be on the other end of a message in a bottle, and that’s fun but it can also mean more than them,” Buffington said. 

He said that over the years, he’s met people from Germany, France, the Philippines and more. But he said even more humbling is finding a message from someone whose passed away and being able to connect with their family, granting them one last message from their loved one. 

“It’s just a really deep connection and a really meaningful one and I feel almost a responsibility to keep doing that,” Buffington said. 

However, he said Becky and Jim’s message has him stumped. 

The message has no last names, only listing an email address that hasn’t responded to his messages and a wish of good luck to the finder.  

So, he’s hoping to get the word out and remind the two of a good memory. 

“Thanks for the good luck. I found your bottle, let’s talk!” Buffington said.