PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – Now that it’s graduation season, one new grad may look very familiar — Utah Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson.

Henderson was among the crowd of newly grads at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo on Friday night.

“Come what may, I wanted to finish my degree,” says Henderson in a heartfelt Facebook post. “I had to drop out of BYU after my freshman year to put my husband through school. Today, 28 years later, I was thrilled to walk in BYU’s graduation ceremony. “

Henderson had the unique honor of graduating alongside her son, Jimmy Henderson. Both graduates received their Bachelor’s degrees on Friday. Henderson was excited that this year’s BYU graduates, “got to participate in the institution’s first in-person commencement since the pandemic began.”

“Finishing school as a busy adult with five kids was not easy,” Henderson says of her academic journey. “So grateful for my supportive family who helped make it happen.”

Henderson posted several pictures of the graduation ceremony, smiling while surrounded by loved ones.

In a separate series of photos posted to Twitter, the proud mother is seen standing next to her son donning matching BYU graduation robes and sashes.

Congratulating her son, Henderson Tweeted, “It took my son 3 1/2 years to accomplish what took me 28 years to do. Congratulations to  @jimmy_the_IV on earning his BFA. I’m proud to be sharing this moment with him. #favoriteson #byugrad.”

Wrapping up the momentous achievement, Henderson reflected on her journey saying, “As a nontraditional student, COVID was the best thing that ever happened to my education. It shouldn’t take a global pandemic to see that there are better ways we can do things, but we learned a lot about how important flexibility in higher education and employment is for increasing opportunity for many people.”