Utah is one of the most toxic states in the nation, Forbes report says

bad air

Utah is one of the most toxic places in America. This according to a Forbes report.

The report looked at data provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). What they found was unsettling.

After analyzing the data they tallied the total toxins released by each state; darker colors indicate higher toxins.

As you can see, Utah is one of the darkest states. “On the mainland, we can see that Nevada and Utah facilities are especially detrimental to the environment,” the report said. “Alaska, though, handily outranks every other state by nearly 3x.”

Utah came in as the third most toxic state. A closer look at the county level show Salt Lake County as the second most toxic county in the country. Tooele County came in at 41.

For a detailed look at the study click here.

*The study was held in conjunction with a the company Ode. A company that creates environmentally conscious cleaning products.

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