Utah inmates grow mustaches for drug awareness

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Some men who live behind bars in Utah are rallying together to inspire each other to change, and they’re doing in a very hairy way. 
Right now you can learn a lot about some of Utah’s prison inmates by looking at their upper lip. It’s Mustache March, for men in the Con-Quest Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program. Each whisker carries a message. 
“Addicts and alcoholics are sick people trying to get well, not bad people trying to get good,” said Daniel Hardin, inmate. 
It’s their way of raising awareness for drug addictions and overdoses, and their outlet to remember the lives lost from it. 
“When people ask me, ‘Why are you growing that mustache?’ and I can say my nephew died or my grandpa died of alcoholism,” said Ryan Nelson, inmate. 
These recovering addicts want to use their facial hair to warn others about the dangers of drugs. 
“Drug addiction has truly destroyed my life. I’m grateful to be in treatment here today. I’m grateful for that opportunity, because it’s an opportunity for me to change my life,” said Hardin. 
They hope, in a hairy way, it can inspire future addicts to avoid the same pain and heartache. 
“I think that if it helps just one person, change the path of their life, it would be a miracle,” said Nelson. 
If you’d like to learn more about the mustache and drug awareness campaign, click on this link to the Con-Quest website.

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