Utah girl shot and left for dead now battles recovery costs


SMITHFIELD, Utah (ABC4 News) – Seventeen-year-old Deserae Turner is asking for the public’s help to get a prosthetic arm after she was shot in the head at 14 years old. 

Three years ago, Deserae Turner was shot in the head and left for dead in a Cache County canal. Three years later, her life has completely changed.

A horse competitor, an adventurer, those are just of couple words that once described Deserae.

Courtesy: GoFundMe

“Every day is an adventure with Deserae, we never know if she’s going to be up and good or if she’s going to be down with a headache and pain,” said April Turner, Deserae’s mother. 

After 13 surgeries most of the left side of her body is either paralyzed or extremely weak.

“All the little muscles like your fingers and your toes, can’t do that, can’t move my wrist, can’t move my ankle,” said Deserae. 

She’s also partially blind and has lost cognitive skills.

“So like math, I don’t understand numbers,” said Deserae. 

It’s also left the Turners with a financial burden.

“If it wasn’t for the fundraisers right at the beginning, we probably would have sunk and lost everything,” said Deserae. 

“There’s no money now like we want to continue and there’s things we can continue to help Des get better, but there’s no money,” said April. 

Deserae’s mother says she’s constantly planting new ideas despite the challenges like the saying on the items they’re selling to raise funds for a better future.

“Everything will go to Des and getting her out to Cleveland and getting her fitted and getting a prosthetic arm,” said April. 

Their goal is to get Deserae a prosthetic arm and rehabilitation so she can lead an independent life.

The Turners say right now, fundraising is their only option and they hope to raise enough money to get Deserae the help she needs. 


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