UTAH (ABC4) – First responders were honored on Wednesday at the Office of Medical Services and Preparedness EMS Awards Ceremony. 

The people in attendance gave standing ovations to the first responders being praised for the hours they’ve put towards their community. They’ve responded to some of Utah’s most difficult moments, including the tragic mass casualty that happened on the I-15 last year. 

Heroic acts recognized at the ceremony include saving children from a sinking car, helping a woman deliver a baby over the phone, retrieving someone out of a burning building and rescuing a family trapped by an overturned vehicle. 

Leaders also awarded multiple agencies for their response to the dust storm on the 1-15 last year that killed eight people, several of them children, injured 50 people and crashed 26 cars.  

These first responders managed to work through the chaotic tragedy, transporting people to the hospital, saving lives, redirecting traffic, and sending necessary resources to the scene. 

One EMS director said she’ll never forget how the first responders took care of those who were dying. 

“They treated them like they were their own children and their own family members and took great care to make sure they were taken care of when their other family members couldn’t be there,” said Kim Rowell EMS Director for the Millard County Ambulance. 

She says they don’t do it for the money — in fact many of them are volunteers.  

Instead, she says as a mother, it comforts her to know there are people out there trying to keep her community and her children safe.