WEST BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4 Sports) –  It’s one of the best ways to beat the heat.

“They love it,” said Susie Templeton, executive director of the Utah Figure Skating Club. “These kids love to be on the ice. Ice skating is a year round sport. They’ll be here day in an day out no matter what.”
“It’s a good way to get kids involved in skating in general,” said 15-year-old ice skater Sydnee Ross. “Whether they quit or keep going. It’s something for them to try. Hopefully they find a sport that they really love.
The Utah Figure Skating Club has been around since 1951. Its prestige helped attract some world renowned coaches like 1984 Olympic Bronze medalist Jozef Sabovcik.
“The Utah Figure Skating Club has a great history,” Sabovcik said. “They’ve had national and world competitors, Olympic competitors. “These kids have been coming up, going to nationals, and international competitions. So, there’s a lot of talent around here.”
Whether kids are just beginning, or ready for the podium in national competitions, kids of all ages and abilities are discovering figure skating is a sport that can provide opportunities.
“Utah is a bit of a different state,” Sabovcik said. “There are so many opportunities for kids, so we have to try to make it a little bit more attractive to these kids, and explain to them where figure skating can actually go. You can be a recreational skater, you can go to synchronized skating, artistry in motion. So, there are so many different things.”
And the lessons the sport teaches are extremely valuable.
“Ice skaters from what I’ve seen are the most confident athletes I’ve ever met because they fall down every day,” Templeton said. “They fall down and they have to pop right back up and do it again. It hurts to fall down, but it’s part of the sport and they take that into their lives, and say oh, if that didn’t work the first time, I go do it again.”
The Utah Figure Skating Club will host the renowned Copper Cup beginning August 18th at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful.