Utah family reveals gender of babies in quintuplet pregnancy


ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) – We’ve been following their story since the beginning — The St. George Quintuplets. Expectant mom Jamie Scott hit her 21st week of pregnancy on Wednesday.

We now know there are three girls and two boys, and at a ultrasound on Friday it showed five perfect heartbeats and each baby the size of a soda can.

“Our ultrasound went really well. All of our babies weigh 12 ounces,” said expectant dad Skyler Scott.

Jamie and Skyler Scott are now living in Phoenix until the babies delivery. They’re under the specialized care of Doctor John Elliot who has delivered over 23 sets of quintuplets. One thing Jamie has been told to do is keep eating.

“I’m kind of the food police, I’m the one trying to give her a milkshake with every meal. Trying to make sure she is eating snacks in-between meals. Often poor Jamie will start to eat, and tell me how hungry she is, but she’s too full to keep eating. But 4,000 calories a day is not easy,” said Skyler.

On average a woman carrying quintuplets will give birth around 27 weeks of pregnancy, but Dr. Elliot is working hard to make sure Jamie carries her babies until the 33-week mark. She is now often in a wheelchair.

“Jamie is getting a little bigger and a little more tired every day,” said Skyler.

Now that we know how many boys and how many girls, we get to find out are the names that the Scott’s have chosen on Valentine’s Day. They’ll be posting it on their Instagram page

This Friday The family is doing a live Q&A  on their Facebook page. They’ll be answering questions about infertility, this pregnancy, and their doctor will also be there to answer questions. 

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