Utah family in need of medical cannabis for their son is moving to Colorado


ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) – A St. George family in need of medical cannabis for their epileptic son say they’ve run out of options and are moving to Colorado

Eleven-year-old Holden had suffered from epilepsy so severe , often more than 100 seizures a day, that doctors suggested removing a part of his brain. 

But then Holden’s parents saw their little boy make a complete transformation after trying medicinal cannabis. 

“He was having less than half of what he was having before, and then cognitively it was like a reawakening of his mind,” said David Cromar, Holden’s dad.

 “To see personality has been amazing,” said his mom Mandi Cromar.

As active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with support from neighbors and friends, they got involved and worked to see medical cannabis on the November ballot.

Proposition 2 would legalize marijuana for people like Holden, those in need. 

“We would go to the mall, we would go to Costco, we would go wherever we could go to get in front of people and just approach them, talk to them about Holden and about stories and miracles that we had witnessed,” said David.

But they say they were met with opposition.

“Once we got involved in the actual campaign and fighting for this, did I then realize just how much the church tries to, in a roundabout way, influence the opinion of the Utah community,” said David.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday seeks to remove the issue from the ballot claiming it goes against religious freedom.

“This is an issue about Liberty, This is an issue about personal choice and medical freedom, not religion,” said Cromar.

The Cromar’s house in St. George is now listed. They say they’ll move to Colorado as soon as it sells, where they can treat Holden with the whole plant immediately. 

“We want to come back for a wedding or a mission farewell, or whatever it might be, and when we do we’re going to need Holden’s medicine. And what we don’t want to be is living in fear when we do that,” said David. 

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