Utah family faces unthinkable decisions as deportation looms for wife and mother

CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) The national fight over immigration reform is personal for one Centerville family.

While they can, the Lalor’s are clinging to every moment together.

“Just thinking I’m going to be away from him just makes me feel sad and I just can’t image that,” said wife and mother, Eva.

That is the reality they are facing as the clock ticks closer to Friday, May 29, 2015.

That’s the day Eva must leave the country on an immigration voluntary departure.

“It’s caused a tremendous amount of emotional stress on myself, on my wife and we are faced with some very difficult decisions,” said husband and father, Chad.

Eva came here legally, but overstayed her visa.

After a traffic violation she was classified as a priority for deportation.

While that process was playing out life went on.

She met Chad, a Utah native, got married and had a son, Tyson.

A request to reopen the case was denied by a state judge, an appeal is now sitting at the federal level.

A request to allow her to stay while that appeal works through the system was also denied.

“She has no criminal record, she is married to a U.S. Citizen, we have a four month old, infant son,” said Chad.

The two say they are prepared to honor the final ruling.

Meantime, they are asking for due process and discretion.

“Why do they want me leave when we have that appeal right now going on,” asked Eva.

“They are not considering the facts of our case and tearing a family apart. All we ask for is our day in court,” said Chad.

The family is hoping for a last minute intervention.

That could possibly come from ICE or a congressional stay.

Congressman Chris Stewart’s Office tells ABC 4 Utah this is a heart breaking situation and they are doing everything they can to help within the confines of the law.

For now Eva and Tyson are planning to go to her native country of Peru, while Chad stays here to financially support the family.

ICE said it could not comment on this case at the time.

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