UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after allegedly brandishing a pistol during a road rage incident on Monday. 

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has arrested the suspect, Derek Winkler, 21.

Troopers first responded to reports of a weapon being brandished along I-15 near mile marker 293. Winkler was eventually pulled over near the intersection of 450 West and 9000 South.

The victim who reported Winkler says he was traveling northbound on I-15 from University Parkway when he came into contact with Winkler.

The victim says he tried to pass Winkler’s vehicle on the highway, but Winkler would not let him. While driving alongside him, the victim claims Winkler pulled out a black pistol and brandished it at the victim.

When deputies pulled Winkler over, they searched his vehicle and discovered a “full-size 1911 style 45 ACP with a stainless barrel.”

Authorities say the victim’s description of the handgun matched the one found in Winkler’s vehicle.

During police questioning, Winkler admitted to participating in a “road rage incident” but denied ever brandishing the pistol.

Winkler was arrested and is currently booked at the Utah County Jail.