Utah County nurse dies following COVID-19 diagnosis


UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Family members are mourning the loss of a 49-year-old nurse who contracted COVID-19 a month ago, recovered — and then, two weeks later, became so sick she needed to be hospitalized.

Patrice Grossman went into the hospital on Thursday, and died Friday.

Earlier this Fall, the Utah County mother caught COVID-19, as did the rest of her family, from a friend who had been at their home.

Then, everybody ended up recovering. But two weeks after her recovery, family members say she got sick again.

As she struggled for her life in the hospital Thursday, Patrice Grossman wasn’t surrounded by family because of COVID-19. Family members say the sudden change in her health — and her death — have shocked and saddened them to their core.

Here is the text of a letter they wrote about Patrice:

It’s hard to put into words the kind of woman that Patrice Grossman was, she was stubborn and strong-willed, but also giving and able to be soft when she needed to be. She was one who didn’t take any excuses or make any of her own, despite all the pain she felt physically every day, she still put others above her own needs, she corralled all the cats at home, she worked fulltime and was the best mother someone could ask for.

If you had the chance to know her, you could tell how much she loved not only her family but her job as well. She was the greatest mother at home and the best kind of friend to those who needed it at work.

She could be serious when she needed to be as she listened to those who needed her advice. When things happened that left the rest of us destroyed she picked up the pieces and pushed us forward despite her own pain. She was also a spazz. She would dance on tables, make the funniest of faces, told the weirdest of mom jokes, and had the sharpest tongue that you could find and could have gotten a diploma in sarcasm.

She was a strong and independent woman who fought many battles every day. In her last moments, she fought hard to stay with us, the nurses told me as much; But, sadly she wasn’t strong enough for this fight.

When around her you felt loved and cared for, and her loss has been felt every minute since her passing, by her family and all those who had the honor to meet her.

Life feels emptier, and the world feels a little darker. She was someone who was taken too soon, and she will live on in the strong daughters and son that she raised. Who only hope they can live up to be at least half as amazing as she was.   

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