SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (ABC4 News) – We are getting our first look at the results of a mobile voting pilot program Utah County put to use for the municipal primary.

Utah County was the first area in our state and only the third in the nation to put it to the test.

The pilot project allowed residents living overseas to cast their vote for the recent primary through a mobile app.

“It was absolutely a success. It went a little better than I expected,” said Utah County Clerk Amelia Powers Gardner.

She says an audit of the process shows 22 of 58 eligible voters took advantage of the option.

That’s a 38% turnout, compared to a 25% turnout countywide.

The mobile voters are residents of seven of the nine cities that held elections.

And, Powers Gardner says not one mobile vote was disqualified.

Still, mobile voting raises big concerns.

Phill Wright with Keep My Voice is skeptical.

“I think the average voter is going to have to be convinced that it’s safe, it’s secure and that their vote will count the way they cast it,” said Wright.

The company behind the project is well aware of the concerns and insists the system is safe and secure.

“What we have seen is that if we can sit down with someone and carefully explain the security and related problems that have been addressed and solved, we win them over,” said Larry Moore, Voatz Sr. Vice President.

Wright says while he’s not completely won over, he admits he is feeling better about it.

“It seems pretty secure to me,” he said.

Powers Gardner says that’s what the audit shows.

She says it will be used again for the general in November, and she hopes to expand its use in the future.

“We would like anyone who can not make it to a polling place due to a disability to have the opportunity to cast their ballot,” she said.

You can actually audit the vote yourself as a citizen auditor.

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