USU: Sexual misconduct survey helps university address issues

LOGAN, Utah (ABC4 News) – More than 23,000 students at Utah State University campuses across the state were sent a sexual misconduct survey earlier this year and the results are in.

The university says a little more than 6,000 students (26%) responded to the campus survey, giving insight into some of the things students are experiencing.

The results showed:

“They’re eye-opening, but like yeah, they’re scary, and it’s sad that this happens,” said USU student Ty Jackson.

“I would say in my experience, I’ve never seen it, but I hear about it and it’s pretty sad, really,” said another USU student Will Robinson.

Another USU student Jaylee Garcia said she took the survey but most of the questions didn’t pertain to her. She said some of her friends do fit into some of the categories.

With sexual harassment being the highest percentage, Garcia said she’s not surprised.

“Sexual harassment is just much more common and it’s easier for it to happen. I think just walking and you get cat-called is pretty common,” Garcia said. “Verses sexual assault is more with people you know and then like parties.”

Talking about the survey results, Amanda DeRito said they represent what’s happening on campus year-round, and help the university to know how to better address and handle situations.

“One thing we’ve noticed this year, in particular, is that there are a lot of other behaviors that our students are experiencing more often than sexual assault,” said DeRito.

In an effort to help students on USU campuses, DeRito said they are “re-tooling some of our messaging and making sure that we’re looking at this in the big picture instead of just at specific behaviors.”

Discussing the school’s recent headlines about sexual assaults, DeRito said because it is an assault on a college campus it does receive more attention, however, she notes that assaults do occur off-campus as well, recognizing it’s a societal problem.

Students who have been or are affected by sexual misconduct can contact the Title IX Office for help.

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