UPDATE: Man convicted of murdering pregnant girlfriend granted early release


UPDATE: A man convicted 20 years ago for the murder of his girlfriend and unborn child has been granted an early release, according to the Board of Pardons and Parole. 

Milo Simper was originally scheduled to be released from prison on January 10, 2023 but after his parole hearing on Aug 7, the parole board approved an earlier release date for November 13, 2018. 

The Board of Pardons cited Simper’s progress, accomplishments and completed classes as part of their decision. 



DRAPER, Utah (News4Utah) – Milo Simper still maintained he didn’t know the gun was loaded.

And when he fired, it took the life of his girlfriend, Libby Fowler Drew, and their unborn child.  That was in 1997.  It happened at a home near Lehi.

Simper made an appearance Tuesday before a Board of Pardons hearing officer.  He is eligible for an early release.

“There was no excuse,” Simper said about the shooting.  “It started the night before (when they began arguing).”

Simper pleaded guilty to murder and manslaughter.  It spared him of a possible death sentence. Simper said he has made strides while in prison including counseling, college credit, and employment while in prison.

“If I’m given a chance, I can show that I’m a compassionate human being,” he told the hearing officer.

At parole hearings, family members of victims are allowed to make statements about how the crime has affected them.

“Him murdering my mother has scarred me for life,” said Jerica Drew, Libby’s youngest daughter.

Their testimony can help determine his future.

“I believe Milo should be released only if he shows remorse for what he has done,” said Drew.

Libby’s sister was also at the hearing and spoke about the consequences of his actions.

“I really miss my sister,” said Necia Harris.  “Milo you have affected so many lives.  Not only yours, your kids, your parents but Libby’s kids have suffered terribly.”

Both daughter and sister never used the word forgiveness but were ready to give Simper a second chance as long as was remorseful and proved that he is a better person.

“I’m sorry,’ he said holding back tears.  “I feel so bad for them.  My actions have taken so much away.”  

A date for his release will be decided by the entire board of pardons.

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