UPDATE: Family Vintage Chess Set Stolen Days Before Christmas Returned to Owner


UPDATE: A West Jordan woman whose vintage chess set that was stolen from her trunk just a few days before Christmas has had the set returned to her. 

Ana Bordeaux does not know who stole the set, and she has no desire to press charges. After picking the set up from the police, she said she is just thankful to have the set her grandfather gave her back.  



WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Some might see a chess set. Ana Bordeaux she sees her grandfather.

It’s why the vintage chess set, stolen from her car just days before Christmas, is so painful to think about.

“It just means a lot to the family,” said Ana Bordeaux, who recently moved to Utah from Southern California.

“I wanted to get out of the city life, the crimes,” added Bordeaux.

The chess set was a gift from her grandfather, who helped raise her and played chess and checkers with her during her childhood.

He gave her the set before he died.

“That was a piece of my grandfather, he traveled with me,” said Bordeaux.

Less than a week ago, she left the chess set in the trunk of her car. She had loaded just about everything into her West Jordan apartment as she moved in with her son.

The chess set wasn’t visible, and she planned to get it the next day.

“It was a Franklin Mint Civil War chess set,” said Bordeaux.

Her grandfather, Aurelio Orozco, raised Bordeaux on games of chess and checkers with that very set.

“Everybody took turns to play with grandpa,” said Bordeaux.

“So, it’s like I let him down,” she said.

“It’s a sentimental value that I can never replace.”

Bordeaux is asking the person who stole it — or anybody who has seen it since — to return it. She says she won’t press charges — she just wants the chess set back for her family.

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